Amazeballs!!! See some images below.

We have many standard colors from which to choose: From White to Black and everything in between. We have found that the mid-tone colors work best. We also have a range of De Luxe backdrops. Think Gold Sequins and Silver Streamers... If you have a special request, please let us know and we will work with you as best as we can.

The photo booth is approximately 2m x 2m and it is 2.2m in height. We need about 3m x 3m space to accommodate for the printer table as well as the box with props.

We haven’t run into anything yet. Our photo booth is very portable. So whether it is tight corners, upstairs or downstairs we should have no problems. Ideally we would like to be as close as possible to a power outlet but we use an extension cord if needed. Before each event we will go over the set-up location with you and the event venue planner to ensure that everything runs smoothly. If we must go up stairs, please let us know ahead of time so we can plan accordingly.

Yes. Bear in mind that without shelter the wind and sun could lessen the quality of the photos. Wind does cause the curtains to blow but we do our best to keep that from happening. A power outlet nearby would be required and the photo booth must be on its own circuit. We also need level ground. If a power source and/or shelter is not available we will need to know this so we can provide an alternative solution (if possible).

A helluva lot - that's one of the reasons why we are so popular! Five to six people can fit comfortably in the booth. We have experienced 8-10 people in the booth at one time. Our record is 21!

45 minutes minimum. If there are any special requirements or odd set-up situations we may need a little more time.

Nope. Set-up is included in the price.

Our service area covers Cape Town and surrounding areas. Travel distances exceeding 40km round trip, will be charged at R5.00 per additional kilometer or the current AA rate per kilometer.

Of course! Your Ouma can drive her scooter right into the booth!


The traditional photo strip or a postcard printout. We can design a customised logo for the footer that will be printed on each photo, or choose one from our extensive design portfolio. 2 x 2"x6" duplicate strips or 1 x 4"x6" postcard print per sitting.

After a session is over the photo strip is printed immediately.

The BEST!! The combination of our printer and camera provides you with high quality photos that are clear and vibrant with natural tones. All prints have a glossy finish. They can’t be torn and they are waterproof.

Possibly but not likely. The quality printer and paper that we use lessen the possibility. The only real problem may be long term exposure to direct sunlight.

All images will be posted online within 3 days after the event. This will allow everyone at the event to access the photos and print any photos they like. Plus a CD of all the images is included in every package. You will never really "lose" an image.

Yebo yes! With every package the fun is unlimited. Bear in mind time restraints however. If the photo booth is completely occupied during one whole hour (which there is a good chance of), you will get approximately 40 sessions during that hour. This includes the time that it takes for people to enter the booth, take their photos and exit the booth. So if your event is 4 hours long you can expect roughly 160 prints.

We’ve designed a set of dazzling photo strips for you to choose from. From vintage or retro to moderns and plain-and-simple, we have it covered. We also offer a custom-built design service, so if you want something extra unique we can assist you out with that too. Of course, you’re most welcome to design your own as well and we’ll gladly send you some spec templates to work with.

Yes. This is selectable at the beginning of each photo session.

The Guest Book / Memory Book is for the guest(s) of honor. We will bring a Scrapbook Album to the event and help the guests fill it! At the end of the event we will give the book to the guest(s) of honor. Roughly 4 photos and 4 messages will fill the front and back of each page. So the 15 page book will provide for roughly 120 photos and 120 messages. We will guide each guest through filling out the book. We will provide everything necessary for them. The only thing we need set-up in advance is a small table near the booth for the display. If you cannot provide one please let us know in advance so we can provide an alternative.

Generally speaking it is best to take 75% of your total guests and use that as the photo count. Normally every guest, couple or family will put one entry in the book. So if you have 150 guests you should count on around 112 entries. So with 4 photo entries per side times 2 sides you get 8 photo entries per page so with 112 entries you would need at least 14 pages. We can go over this with you before the event and make a recommendation.


In a typical hour the photo booth will provide for 40 – 45 sessions. If you want around 160 sessions you should contract it for 4 hours. Of course it also depends on the length of your event and how many people are attending. To ensure that everyone gets a chance to use it you should figure on two hours for every 100 guests. In most cases our clients rent the photo booth for the duration of the event so that guests can visit the booth multiple times. We can go over this with you in more detail during the planning stage.

Yes. Depending on the nature of your event you may want this option. We charge R350 per hour of idle time to cover for the Photobooth Attendant’s time. The maximum amount of idle time allowed is two hours but they do not have to be consecutive. If you request that we are setup a specific amount a time before you want us to start allowing photos you will be charged idle time at a rate of R350 per hour.

It can be set up almost anywhere as long as we have access to electricity. This is something we will go over with you during the planning stage. Every event is different and we are very flexible.

Yes. As long as it is at the same venue and no driving is necessary. However, the downtime in moving the photo booth will take away from picture taking time. This could be as much as a half hour depending on the circumstances.

Absolutely - depending on availability! We do offer a discount for more than one photo booth at the same event.

Yes. Check out our tips on how to make some moolas by renting a photo booth from Photobooth Emporium. We are also open to suggestions. Remember we do offer rental discounts for schools, churches and non-profits.

As far into the future as you want.

Simply call us on 072 700 1698 or send us an email to info@photoboothemporium.co.za.

If you cancel your event before the final payment date your deposit will be non refundable, however we will move your hire date if possible. If you need to reschedule your event date you may do so without penalty as long as the new date is available. If the new date is not available then the cancellation penalties above will apply. We will do our best to accommodate all rescheduling requests. See our Terms and Conditions for more information.

We require a 50% deposit to secure your booking. The remaining balance can be paid at any time before the start of the event. We accept cash or payment via EFT.


They usually smile... Our Photobooth Attendant will help you through every step.

Roughly 40 sessions that will take 4 photos each. This number can vary based on intangibles.

Our on-site Photobooth Attendant will work as fast as possible to resolve any issues. You will get a refund for any unused time that exceeds 10 minutes in any given hour. This will be pro-rated. Not to worry, as our photo booth is made by one of the top manufacturers in the industry and is made to the highest quality and reliability standards. Although not impossible, the risk is very low and it has yet you happen. Touch wood...

Yes. We will have to come up with a plan with you before the event. This is commonly considered when lots of kids are at an event, as they tend to use the photo booth a lot. Mind you, this is okay by us, but if you think it may be a problem then we can implement a "ticket" plan or something of the sort, that way all the adults will get a fair shot at the fun!

Yes. All packages include an on-site Photobooth Attendant for the duration of the event.

We will try our best to keep all props in or around the photo booth area. We will supply non-obtrusive storage for the props and ensure that they are easily accessible for all guests. However, if someone sneakily walks off with a prop we will not hunt them down, or call the police... You will NOT be charged to replace any props that are missing at the end of the event.

We promise to have them up on our website within 3 days. We will try to get them up by the next day if possible. We burn a CD of the pictures and give it to the host immediately after the event.

Yes. They are your photos to do with as you please.

Yes. We do realize that minors could be accessing the photos, so if necessary, we will remove any offensive photos before they are loaded online. If you have specific instructions for filtering please let us know before the event or shortly thereafter.

Yes. Just call us at 072 700 1698 or email us at info@photoboothemporium.co.za and let us know. We can either remove the image from the on-line album or omit it before it goes up if you can catch us in time.

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